• My Two Lives
    The journey from theologian to artist.
  • Jesus' Vision
    A visual interpretation of Jesus' Mission.
  • Advent and Christmas
    Clay images interpreting the Christmas story
  • My Self-Discovery in Art
    How art reveals hidden truth
  • The Beatitudes, including The Magnificat
    relief sculptures interpreting the nine Beatitudes and the eight images of Mary's Song
  • The Art of Parables
    in Matthew, Luke, and Mark (CD included in book by that name) - sculptures interpreting the parables of Jesus found in the Gospels.
  • Envisioning Hagar's Story
    sculptural illustrations of Hagar in her struggle for survival as a slave in Sarah and Abraham's house, which focuses on the origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  • Jesus' Non-Violent Resistance
    Illustrates Jesus' practical ways to resist violence with non-violent tactics that preserves the respect and dignity of oppressed people.

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